Rumble in Porscheís jungle

ANOTHER contender for worldís best driverís car. But which one? Itís a fair bet the 911 GT3-based RS model will only improve on the GT3ís scintillating dynamics. But what about the Cayman GT4?

The GT4 (below) snares the 911ís 3.8-litre flat-six Ė the first time a 911 engine has made it into the smaller coupe Ė with 283kW and a six-speed manual (thereís no PDK option). It uses suspension and braking components from the GT3 and has a 0-100km/h time of 4.5 seconds. With the brilliance of the current Cayman S and GTS models, it stands as a beacon of driving pleasure Ė and at an estimated $190K, it will cost less than a base-model 911 Carrera.

The GT3 RS has a lot to live up to, then; not only must it contend with the benchmark set by its predecessor, it will have to be convincing enough to topple the Cayman GT4.

To do so, Porsche has armed the RS to the teeth. Itís flatsix grows from 3.8 litres to 4.0 litres and a power output of 368kW, up from the previous modelís 335kW and matching the legendary 2011 limited edition GT3 RS 4.0. Zero to 100km/h is taken care of in 3.3sec, and itís nine seconds faster around the íRing than the Carrera GT. It will cost $387,700 when it arrives here in about September.

Thereís nothing like a good sibling rivalry...