John Ingram, Florey ACT

I have travelled the Hume Highway since the 1950s, first as a passenger and since 1970 as a driver. Our cars improved and became safer in the 60s, when the Hume was a singlelane goat track that weaved through every town, with narrow bridges, blind corners and crests, few overtaking lanes and challenges like Razorback. Now the Hume is a four-lane motorway and cars are much safer. The only thing that has remained remotely the same is the speed limit.

Our Hume trips now are mainly between Canberra and Melbourne. Increasing the speed limit to 130km/h would reduce our travel time by about an hour, making our trip safer.

I fully support an increase in the speed limit. However, state governments are too addicted to the revenue they extort from motorists in the name of safety and won’t agree to any safety initiative that would compromise their revenue.