Braven wireless speaker $249 www.braven.com/ >

Rugged, waterproof and wireless, the Braven BRV-X outdoor speaker boasts a shockproof rubber exterior, lightweight construction and plays for up to 12 hours.

Built to take an absolute beating, it’s perfect for barbeques, camping, the shower…

> Ayrton Senna’s 1988 MP4/4 $1600 www.model-space.com/au

F1 is back and so is one of the sport’s greatest partnerships: McLaren and Honda. The time is ripe, then, to build arguably the greatest Honda-powered McLaren ever made, Ayrton Senna’s 1988 MP4/4. Exquisitely detailed, this 1:8 model arrives in 20 monthly instalments with step by step instructions to assemble.

> Dr Color Chip $84.95 www.drcolorchip.com.au

A DIY chip repair kit that promises effective results with factory-matched colours and no “blobs”.

Designed to cure road rash, paint is dabbed on with a brush, then smeared with your thumb to produce a flat surface. A blending solution removes any excess paint, with the whole process completed in as little as two minutes.

> Halda Race Pilot, from $12,000 www.haldasweden.com

Believe it or not, this is actually two watches. Built by boutique Swedish brand Halda, the Race Pilot includes two interchangeable cases, allowing buyers to switch from an expertly crafted mechanical chronograph to a high-tech digital face. The digital watch is programmed with information from 150 of the world’s top race tracks, can measure lap times down to 1/100th of a second, and has a specially designed stainless steel case that works as an amplifier so you can hear alarms above the racket of your racing car.

Leatherman Tread, from $150 www.leatherman.com >

Leatherman, the American brand famous for its folding multi-tools, has made a watch. As you’d expect, it’s rather clever. Marketed as “the wearable tool”, it boasts a Swissmade timepiece with quartz movement, yet it’s the band that’s the most interesting. Each link is crafted from highstrength steel and has two or three tools, including cutting hooks, hex drives, screwdrivers and a carbide glass-breaker.

Even the clasp doubles as a bottle opener and screwdriver.