Hillman Hunter (1966-)


Lifting the veil on a Persian nightmare

REVENGE, they say, is a dish best served cold. If youíre a fan of the Australian-assembled Hillman Hunter and still sore at Wheels for awarding the 1967 COTY to Chryslerís VE Valiant Ė which the Hunter has totally outlived Ė then rejoice.

The British-designed family sedan originally competed against the Ford Cortina and was available in various bodystyles and engine choices.

While only a very basic pick-up known as the Bardo 1600i remains in production in Tehran, its maker Ė Iran Khodro Ė has stated that the Paykan sedan will soon reappear in Sudan.

Itís not the first time the Hunter has refused to die.

Pulling a Steven Bradbury, one achieved fame as the unlikely winner of the first London to Sydney Marathon in 1968 in the hands of Scot Andrew Cowan, boosting its fortunes in Australia Ė particularly in wagon form.

However, newer, cheaper, better-equipped and more reliable Japanese rivals like the Datsun 1600 eventually rendered the Hillman over the hill.

With the Hillman company swallowed up by Chrysler, itís a no-brainer that the Americans looked to replace it with the popular Mitsubishi Galant. But thatís now also dead.

Long live the Bardo!





Iranís national car (or pick-up) refuses to die


The sporty version was known as the Hustler


49kW, manual steering and no safety kit