Scott Martin, Coolamon, NSW

JOHN Ingram wrote in support of Wheels’ push to increase the speed limit of the Hume Highway to 130km/h (Inbox, April), but also conceded that the current limit will stay because of the state’s addiction to revenue from speeding fines, etc.

While I agree 110km/h on the Hume seems pedestrian, I also travel on it frequently enough, night and day, and in many weather conditions, to form the belief that an increase in the speed limit is well beyond the driving ability of many who use it. Many more don’t seem to understand the phrase ‘driving to the conditions’.

And while I agree that cars are safer nowadays, my trips along the Hume also expose the varying levels of maintenance and durability of the supposedly safer vehicles.

Although VP Commodores and AU Falcons were cutting edge when they were released, they can hardly be considered ‘safe’ today compared with the latest offerings.

Then there’s the argument about kangaroos, wombats and so on. You can’t train these animals to not hop or run into oncoming traffic. You do, however, have a better chance of avoiding them, or sustaining less damage and staying in control, at the slightly lower existing speeds.

I am not opposed to raising the speed limit, there just seem to be too many question marks left unaddressed that suggest to me we’re not yet ready for it.