Eric Waples, Albion Park, NSW

VIRGIL Exner’s forward-look design theme (Chrysler 300D, Retro Series, April) was very prominent on the Australianreleased (but current US design) 1958 V8 Plymouth hardtop. Wheels staff were impressed when they tested this car back in August 1958.

Aptly named the Plymouth Fury in hometown USA, but christened Belvedere out here, just standing still the car looked like it was doing the 118mph achieved on test. Long and low with the prerequisite tail fins, it commanded a street presence that the then rehashed 1955/58 Ford body could not match.

GM in Australia did run with the current US shape on the ’58 Chevrolet, albeit with a straight-six engine, but the premium price on the Plymouth was a bridge too far for many.