Civil war


JLR is taking on not just the Germans, but also British tuning houses that feed on the brand to create the more luxury-laden or monstered versions of its products.

Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern said the company would target niche tuning houses such as Overfinch and Twisted that reap profit from its products.

“We need to get tougher with them,” McGovern told us at the Paris motor show late last year.

“I find it frustrating that these companies set themselves up, take our vehicles, use 99.9 percent of our y frustra th wisted s. et ear. ating hemselves e creative intellect for their own profit, and take our badge off and put their badge on it ... they’re taking advantage of our brand equity.

“I have a real issue with some of the companies we see ... taking our cars.

“In fairness to our customers, they buy these cars and give them to these people because we’re not necessarily giving them what they want. What they really want is something that’s a little different. We need to give them that.” we re