“Wake up, Mr Hockey! Would you like your kids driving around in a badly repaired write-off?” adly

James Follett, Coffs Harbour, NSW

I WRITE in shock at the federal government’s plan to relax laws on the importation of ‘grey market’ new and used cars to Australia.

I’ve been a licensed used car dealer in New South Wales for the past 19 years and the state government and our motor traders association, the MTA, have worked tirelessly for the past 10 years to introduce a national write-off and stolen vehicle register, the PPSR.

NSW has gone one step further and banned the re-registering of written-off vehicles in closing down this dark industry overnight despite heavy lobbying against it from our nation’s insurance companies.

All written-off vehicles in NSW now have to go either into the recycling system or interstate. I believe the other states are not far from introducing similar laws. The consumer in NSW, and Australia in general, is better protected from shonky used car dealers than ever before.

Now what does Mr Hockey, with his wisdom and experience

“Wake up, Mr Hockey! Would you like your kids driving around in a badly repaired write-off?” adly

with these matters, plan to do?

Undo the whole lot.

I know of New Zealand dealers who buy written-off Japanese vehicles, have them rebuilt in Japan and sent to Auckland as shiny ‘near-new’ cars. Our PPSR system has no way of detecting these vehicles o? m ’ o les and the clever use of bodyfiller and paint makes these repairs virtually invisible.

I also know of a dealer who buys write-offs, has them repaired, then sent overseas for sale to the public. Will these cars be repaired to an Australian safety standard?

Unlikely and dubious at best.

This should be enough to raise doubts on this policy alone – and I haven’t even started on stolen cars and odo tampering!

Wake up, Mr Hockey! Would you like your children driving along a freeway at 110 km/h in a written-off vehicle repaired in some backyard panel shop in Tokyo or London? Do you really want to give the Russian mafia another market to direct stolen cars to, from the UK?

Haven’t you done enough damage to the Australian motor industry already? o sends this irresponsible government packing.

I sincerely hope that anyone employed in the motor industry d thi i ibl