Kay Ross, via email

AS AN older woman no longer in touch with the latest and greatest in motor vehicles, I need to use magazines such as yours to get an idea of what is available. I upgraded to a Mazda that comes an idle-stop function common on new vehicles.

I am now experiencing problems with the car not drive it a lot and in any article – or any staff – mentioned that systems require the driven more frequently previous models due power draw of the idle-system. No one told if the car is not used long time, the battery need recharging. pgraded es with that is cles. cing r as I do no one y sales at these car to be tly than to the le-stop me that for a y will I question the viability of a ‘fuel saving’ measure that requires the car to be driven more, or put on a battery charger every six weeks.

Perhaps when reviewing cars you could take into account that not every car buyer is a young, technically savvy person and we oldies need to know the limits that technology now applies to new cars.

As classic car owners know, seldom-used cars appreciate regular charging. We’d be surprised if the idle-stop function couldn’t be turned off by the dealer.