Lego hypercars $19.99 lego.com/speedchampions >

WANT a hypercar garage for the price of a pizza? Lego has the answer. The Danish toy company, loved by kids and adults alike, has added model kits of the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari to its wonderfully geeky collection for just $20 each. If our maths is right, thatís a saving of $4.8 million over the real cars, which are sold out anyway.

> Project CARS $79.95 projectcarsgame.com

A RACING sim for hardcore gamers, by hardcore gamers, Project CARS started life as a crowd-funded project (the name stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator).

Think of it as a Gran Turismo for the people, complete with stunning graphics, exquisitely detailed cars and the largest track roster of any recent racing game.

> Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 bridgestone.com.au

BRIDGESTONE has released the third generation of its flagship performance tyre, which promises to be stickier, grippier and even quieter than before. A new tread pattern and tweaked compounds are said to bring improvements in all conditions, increased tyre life and importantly, greater traction and drive out of corners.

Edox Chronodakar Limited Edition 2015 $2400 Lion Brands, (03) 9572 9820 >

> REC Cooper $500 recwatches.com/cooper

IF $40k watches inspired by $40m classics arenít your thing, Danish watchmakers REC provide a more attainable car-inspired timepiece.

Dubbed the Cooper Collection (hence the 1950s racing stripes), these watches are handmade using metal from recycled Minis and include corresponding VIN numbers stamped on the caseback.