Paul Walker’s Carrera GT

Too fast, too furious

THE photos of the blackened and melted mess that was the Porsche Carrera GT of Paul Walker are genuinely disturbing, so we won’t show it.

In a kind of horrible “seriously, kids, don’t try this at home” story, the star of The Fast and the Furious franchise was killed when his friend Roger Rodas’s Carrera GT basically disintegrated after colliding with poles and trees at a speed in excess of 150km/h, more than double the posted speed limit. Police suggested speed may have been a factor in the accident, which occurred in Santa Clarita, California, with Rodas at the wheel.

Despite those bald figures, Rodas’s widow, Kristine, filed a lawsuit suggesting Porsche was to blame for the death of her husband, a professional race driver, due to a suspension failure and a lack of safety features. Her suit suggests the 2005 Carrera GT was designed as a race car and therefore should have had a roll cage and been less flammable.

Not surprisingly, Porsche fired back through its lawyers, suggesting the deaths were entirely the fault of Rodas and his driving, and furthermore that the car in question had been “abused and altered after being placed into the stream of commerce in a manner that was not reasonable foreseeable”.

So, if you go and modify an already blisteringly quick car to go even faster, and then drive it like you stole it, that’s not Porsche’s fault.


The neither haunting nor beautiful song See You Again, by the jaunty sounding Wiz Khalifa, from the Furious 7 soundtrack was a tribute to Walker.


Walker wasn’t just an ac tor who did teen films and six implausible movies about driving fast, he was also the face of Davidoff Cool Water for Men. When he died he was worth $25 million, all left to teenage daughter Meadow.