Peter Windsor, Füllinsdorf, Switzerland

JOHN Carey’s column about the technology in the Audi Q7 (Wheels August) complains that Predictive Efficiency Assistant does not work in Australia because our road signs create visual confusion for the system.

Surely it means the technology is half-baked if it cannot operate in a variety of conditions. I worry that the mooted driverless cars will only be able to operate in a particular environment, and will be useless out of it.

A robot vacuum cleaner I bought thought a rug in the middle of the room was a wall and studiously avoided it.

Think also of all the times your computer, iPad or other tablet has frozen, or crashed. Now, would you trust your life to these devices in an environment that is never going to perfectly suit them?

I think there will be a long time before the soft, organic bit behind the wheel is redundant, hopefully beyond my lifetime. I love driving too much. Unfortunately, I live in Switzerland, where no doubt Audi’s Predictive Efficiency Assistant will be available. I will have to keep my eyes out for the guy in the Q7 updating his Facebook profile saying how wonderful his life is while the car helps him to drive.