Stuart Kennedy, Corunna, NSW

ENJOYED the article on premium mid-size SUVs (Disco Inferno, August). Even though my next purchase is not likely to be an SUV, it is interesting to see what the well-heeled masses are buying/driving these days.

However, at the end of the article I was left scratching my sparse grey hairs. The joint winners were the Q5 and the new Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Luxury.

I struggle to reconcile how a vehicle that fails Wheels’ own COTY criterion, performance of intended function, could possibly win.

In your own words, the Landy “suffered from a few technical glitches... a spell in limp-home mode, a dodgy idle-stop system that completely shut down the entire vehicle on two occasions” and a faulty touchscreen.

Puhleeze, fellas, can we leaven our “surprise and delight” with the sexiness of new metal with some common sense, and not award trophies to crap-quality losers? I know that VW/Audi has its share of quality issues, too, but in this instance it would have been fair to award the gong to the Q5, with the Landy where it belongs, at the bottom.

All are flawed, but Rover’s pricing packaging t the Land cing and appealing kaging edges it ahead – Ed