Gary Russell. Merewether, NSW

IN THE past three months, Iíve been hit in the rear by a guy in a 20-year-old Hilux driving too closely, been hassled from behind by a woman driver in a Commodore while I was overtaking other vehicles on the Pacific Highway and now Iíve had something thrown at my car while driving home on the Charlestown Bypass.

The common denominator in all these incidents was my unwillingness to either brake heavily or pull immediately into the left-hand lane to accommodate the wishes of the other vehicleís driver to get in front of me.

I know that road rage is a universal phenomenon, but I suspect that here in Newcastle there is an unusually high level of niggle towards other road users. Iím even wondering whether my Mazda 6 has some kind of arsehole magnet attached to it, as I have no recollection of any history of incidents with the cars I owned prior to it.