Mal Cunningham, Mount Tamborine, Qld


ROBBO is not alone in being in awe of the DS. In 1963 I bought an ID19 (the DS’s cheaper cousin, for I couldn’t afford a DS). But all the important bits were there; the wonderful shape, hydraulic suspension, disc brakes up front, and under your right foot was a six-inch button shaped like a mushroom that was the brake ‘pedal’.

Citroen should commission Richard Ferlazzo [Holden design director] to do an EFIGY-type revival of the DS23: modern engines, eight-speed gearbox, plus all the mod-cons of the day. It would be great if it was built with quality and reliability in mind (dare we expect a seven-year warranty? – my original ID19 only had six months!).

An inspired design by Richard of a modern DS23 would set the world on fire.

Ed’s note: Your wish is our command. We put your idea to Richard Ferlazzo and here’s what Richard said: “As Peter knows, I am a great admirer of the DS, as any car designer would be.

“Frankly, the DS doesn’t need any help but I have often mused over the idea of a Custom DS, EFIJY style. Chopped roof, extended body and billet wheels – voila!”