Iain Head, via email

AS A Queensland limousine operator, it is not just the taxi industry being hurt by Uber (Forget Uber, meet Bonzer, August).

All operators have to abide by laws to ensure our vehicles are road legal and checked every six months. We also have to have commercial insurance for the vehicle, and liability insurance to cover the passengers and driver.

A person driving for Uber does not have to do either.

Yes, some taxi drivers give the industry a bad name, but more are very good at what they do, and do things by the book. Why should they be affected by Uber?

You claim Uber is the way of the future, like it or not.

Well, I can tell you itís very close to being outlawed here in Queensland. I do like the concept behind Uber, but it needs to be operated the correct way by using the existing transport options out there.