French clean-out

Sister brand Peugeot (which has the same local distributor) has also thinned its model range, ditching the 5008 MPV among other model variants.

Importer Sime Darby says these moves are all about preparing its French brands for a fresh blast of new metal, which began with the new-generation Peugeot 308 that was a finalist in last yearís COTY.

CITROňNíS range has thinned out in recent months as the local importer awaits fresh metal.

Like the C4 Aircross SUV, the C3 hatch is taking a holiday until the next-gen model arrives around 2017, while the refreshed C4 hatch now does without a manual íbox.

CitroŽn has also discontinued some slow sellers in its line-up, including the DS5 petrol.