“What else is VW covering up?”

TOM ELLIOTT is a finance expert, radio host and Wheels columnist. He also owns a VW. And he’s not happy.

“I’m pretty shocked because you accept that companies often make mistakes with cars, but this one was intentional and that’s what worries me. I think ‘Gee, are they covering up anything else?’

ARTIST’S ILLUSTRATION “Our [VW Tiguan] is a petrol one and not a diesel, so in a sense it’s not affected by this issue, but it just opens a Pandora’s box. If a company makes a genuine mistake, that I get, because nothing is perfect. But it’s when they deliberately set out to deceive that just says to me that the culture of the place, there’s something wrong with it.”

In a nod to the huge and ongoing financial consequences the scandal presents for VW, Elliott said he would not buy another car from the brand.

“Let’s put it this way. If there was only one car to choose from, I’d just hope they wouldn’t do it again. But there’s lots of choice. Usually when I buy something like that it’s a matter of excluding things if you’ve got so much choice, so it would be ‘No Volkswagen.’

“That would be my response.”