Keith Anderson, Kingston, Tas

THE big worry I have regarding fully autonomous vehicles is that if we don’t accept them our traffic authorities will simply invent even more annoying ways to control us: even lower speed limits, lots more speed cameras and traffic cameras, and lots more ‘traffic calming’ measures such as speed humps.

The transition will certainly be difficult. All transitions are difficult – ask any woman about the transition from foetus to baby, and at my age I try not to think about the transition at the other end of life – but it’s useful to remember the benefits: fewer hassles getting a licence, lower insurance premiums, easier parking, texting while driving could become legal, less need to remember road rules, fewer problems with ‘grandad’ drivers, fewer hassles with drink driving, fewer worries about speed cameras, and more mobility for us as we get older.

We won’t stop enjoying ourselves; we’ll just find other ways to do it.