George Lewis, Port Macquarie, NSW

JUST saw the new Infiniti QX80 and what a frightful car it is! It just doesnít look good from any angle. Which way would you park it?

The bloke who designed this mega-fugley behemoth on wheels must have had one to many lemonades after watching a rare win by Nissanís V8 Supercar, and the members of the board must all need Seeing Eye dogs to have signed off on it for production. Even the old Datsun 120Y wasnít that bad.

Infiniti, go back to the drawing board and take a look at the Nissan Juke and GT-R, cars that defined individual styling and purpose.

Mark Webber must be glad he has retired from F1. Imagine turning up in Monte Carlo in the QX80.

Even Buzz Lightyear couldnít save this one. Letís send it back to Infiniti and beyond.