Alan Ozolins, Shellharbour, NSW

I WAS lucky enough to be in Paris with the August edition of Wheels and read Peter Robinsonís wonderful story on the Citroen bunker (Parlez-vous Francais?, August).

Given how the French protect and preserve their heritage, it doesnít surprise at all that they had the vision to also hold on to their automotive history.

While I didnít get a ride in any DS taxis, all my taxi rides there were memorable for one reason or another. Without exception, every taxi was immaculate. Whether a Merc, Citroen or Peugeot, all were in showroom condition.

Also without exception, and just like in Australia, every driver spoke little or no English. Unlike in Australia, though, it was possible to quickly communicate my destination and arrive there promptly. I have taken a cab from Sydney airport before and had to explain where Caringbah was.

Seeing a pair of DS convertibles parked on the Champs-Elysees was a highlight of my trip.