Michael Riordan, Campsie, NSW

SO THERE is no collusion regarding price fixing at the bowser, according to the government. This issue has been beaten around so much it should be issued an AVO.

We have a sudden price spike across the city, then it whittles away over the next few weeks, then spikes again. But why all petrol stations at the same time? Servos donít all get deliveries simultaneously, so it canít be based on supply.

Motorists are being treated like dopes and the politicians have put it in the too-hard basket. Imagine if bread or milk prices fluctuated in this way?

So, oil companies, donít bother denying it; and pollies, donít waste my tax dollars trying to prove it. How about just cutting the motorist in on the scam and publishing the calendar of the Ďnon-existentí petrol cycle?