AS WITH all McLaren’s supercar family, the 650S is built around the carbonfibre MonoCell chassis, which weighs just 75kg. Such is its rigidity that the Spider requires no additional strengthening versus the coupe. To the MonoCell are attached extruded alloy subframes to carry the engine, transmission and double-wishbone suspensions. McLaren’s ProActive Chassis Control features active dampers that are hydraulically linked, which allows firm roll control in cornering, with no adverse effect on suspension compliance (hence ride comfort) when travelling in a straight line.

The 3.8-litre twinturbo V8, which weighs just 199kg, is hotted-up from the superseded 12C’s with new pistons, cylinder heads, exhaust valves and revised cooling. Power and torque are increased over 12C by 37kW and 78Nm.