Karl Ready, Upper Coomera, Qld

THIS morning an oncoming driver flashed his lights and I immediately glanced at the speedo, as you do. The problem I had at that precise moment was that I had no idea of what speed zone I was in.

As I replayed the last minute or so of my drive trying in vain to recall the last sign, sure enough a speed camera van was set up to photograph the unwary. All I can say in my defence is that I had been daydreaming, and driven blindly past whatever speed zone sign was posted.

On my way home I decided to count how many zones I drove through. Excluding the M1 motorway, I counted a bewildering 17 speed zone changes in 27km! That equates to a change every 1.59km.

I donít condone speeding or even daydreaming while driving, but how does the average motorist have a chance when the speed zones are changing so rapidly that they all begin to blend into one another, often with a difference as little as 10km/h?