Amazing quote MAZDA forums have been in a flurry over the new 2.5-litre turbo engine as a credible unit to re-start the MPS performance range.

Adding weight to the rumour is the fact that the CX-9 uses the same platform as the CX-5, Mazda 3 and 6 – and the engine does fit in all of these vehicles. Yet Mazda CEO and president Masamichi Kogai told Wheels: “We don’t have to have any specific vehicles that we call Mazdaspeed or MPS, because we incorporate high performance across the board.”

On top of that, the engine has a small M th u A th Mo M Mh block given it had to fit between the straight chassis rails (instead of curved) that engineers demanded to build better crash protection in the CX-9. That means the spaces between the cylinder bores are narrow and not suited to upgraded cooling – something a more potent model would demand.

Dropping the turbo 2.5 in a 3 wouldn’t mean it would necessarily live up to a performance driver’s expectations, either, as it’s been developed and geared for a seven-seat SUV full of kids and shattered MPS dreams …