Brandon Musolino, Houghton, SA

I find myself laughing at the recent news of self-driving cars being trialled in South Australia. The thought of self-driving cars to me is an absolute joke, and running over a fake kangaroo in the trial run in SA is the least of the developersí worries.

The biggest issue with self-driving cars, in my opinion, is that hackers will cause absolute havoc on our roads. They have already shown that they can access car controls through the infotainment system. This issue wouldnít be as big of a problem if the cars only used an array of sensors to move about. However, Iíve read reports that self-driving vehicles will be connected to each other through local wireless networks to avoid collisions and such. This will just make it easier for the hackers to compromise cars.

Iím only 14 so I donít drive yet, but I could never see myself driving along without a steering wheel. I would hope that the backlash from car enthusiasts such as myself will stop it from ever happening.