Show of style

The 2016 Detroit motor show dazzled with a mix of hot new metal, headlined by sleek rear-drive coupes


Riding on the same rear-drive platform as the Q50 sedan, the Q60 replaces the current 370Z-based coupe later this year.

Itís longer, wider and lower than that car. A new-gen 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 will be available in two tunes (224kW and 298kW), with only the higher output likely for Australia. Weíre also expected to miss out on the six-speed manual, instead making do with the seven-speed auto.

Due here? Q3 2016


Itís as close as Lexus has come to a 911 fighter, but the LC500 is closer in size to an S-Class Coupe. It debuts the companyís new Global Architecture Luxury (GA-L) set to underpin all future Lexus front-engine, reardrive models. A 10-speed auto is mated to the same 5.0-litre atmo V8 in the lesser RC-F. Carbonfibre door structures help create an ultra-stiff monocoque.

Due here? 2017


Itís more about whatís beneath the skin of the h-tron rather than its searing yellow hue. The hydrogenfueled concept boasts a range of 600km from a trio of hydrogen tanks, which can be refilled in four minutes.

The fuel cell provides 100kW of power, while a battery pack provides a 100kW boost to the electric motors Ė one mounted on each axle.

Due here? 2020


The Force 1 created a snowstorm before the doors of the icy Detroit motor show flung open. Company head Henrik Fisker had a legal letter fired his way from former employer Aston Martin, concerned that the American-made supercar looked too close to its own designs. Squint and you might notice some similarities, but the Viper-based Force 1 is bolder and busier, and with a longer bonnet.

Itís bold underneath, too, with a 550kW 8.4-litre V10.

Due here? Donít hold your breath...


Itís claimed to ďshape the future of AcuraĒ and it certainly comes with a bold aesthetic punch. The Precision from Hondaís US luxury brand is all about angles and shapes and contrasts, from its 22-inch wheels and shark-like snout to its Batmobile-infused tail. Rear-hinged back doors open the way to a futuristic interior dominated by a curved centre control screen. No word on whatís beneath the bonnet. Not that it matters Ė the Precision is more about themes and ideas than a radical new model. Look to the details and design for inspiration on future Acura models.

Due here? Itís dreaming for now