Keith Anderson, Kingston, Tas

Ive been thinking about what Id like in my next car. Mostly, I just want a plug-in hybrid with sensible driving aids, like selfparking, and speed and distance management, but I couldnt help thinking of a few trivial improvements to eliminate tormenting minor irritations: A self-closing boot is available on at least one car I can afford, but self-closing doors are still out of my price range. I dont want them for myself, but for my friends; Doors that stay open when the car is facing up a steep slope.

We have lots of steep slopes in Tasmania, and doors often slam shut unexpectedly, risking unwanted leg surgery; Doors that dont scratch adjacent vehicles. Theyd need clever technology to open shy of the paintwork of the adjacent vehicle and maintain that position; A rear-facing dash cam able to record information like date, time, speed and the proximity of the following vehicle. Id love to be able to send photos of tailgaters to the police.