Eric Waples, Albion Park, NSW

It is difficult to comprehend the lack of individual product promotion in this country by Ford given that it has some great cars sitting on showroom floors (The Wheels Report, January).

As we know, multi-faceted, high-impact decisions made by Alan Mulally and his lieutenants post-2008 turned around the finances of Ford globally. To outsiders at the time, witnessing company chiefs trying to push the Ford Focus into the home market under the ĎOne Fordí mantra must have seemed like an odd-ball idea.

But the company has survived, and the US market retains its appetite for the Ford pick-up truck; not that that narrow focus can be viewed as a saviour into the future.

Ford Australia needs some impetus with promotion. Ditch ball-sports sponsorship and concentrate on the core business.

After all, isnít that the theme of their One Ford idea?

There have been some brilliant advertising schemes, but Fordís Ďtake it or leave ití approach to marketing does not augur well for the future, unless Ford sees our market as too small to matter. us ss. f t s