Mark Scott, Lemon Tree Passage, NSW

One of the talking points of the new LS3-powered Holdens has been the increase in fuel use.

I recently bought a manual SS-V and in the first seven days racked up over 4000km through some of the iconic outback towns in NSW, down the length of the Murray River in SA and back up through country Victoria.

The worst economy I saw was 10.4L/100km, with a best of 9.5L/100km. Iím sure some more spirited driving would produce much worse figures, but if you enjoy long-distance touring then this car is perfect. It never missed a beat in temperatures upwards of 35 degrees and climbed hills in sixth gear like nothing Iíve ever driven. It was amazingly quiet while cruising, yet bellowed one of the most soul-stirring howls when kicked in the guts.