There was little about BMW and a lot about whisky

Lindsay Gillespie, Jilliby NSW

We all have our favorite cars that make us turn back to admire them, to take in the shape, the sound, the craftsmanship. For me itís the BMW 740i. I have a 2010 model, so naturally when I noticed a spread on the latest version (Whisky Chaser, March) I was ecstatic!

After reading the article I was disappointed and frustrated.

There was very little info about the BMW and a whole lot about whisky (in which I have zero interest). On a quick look through the article, there appears to be about 160 lines about whisky etc, leaving around 75 lines directly relating to the BMW. Nearly 70 percent of the article was not about the BMW!

Also, only eight photos of the BMW and 13 predominantly of whisky, barrels or a couple of blokes in deep conversation about who-knows-what.

Donít forget, guys, you are a mag about cars. Keep that focus. Sure, entertain us, but my passion is cars and I buy Wheels for that reason. I didnít buy your magazine to read about whisky.

There was little about BMW and a lot about whisky