Stuart Innes, Warradale, SA

Thank you for the extensive comparo between the Toyota 86 and your new COTY, the Mazda MX-5 (86 versus MX-5, March).

But in your 12-page report there was no acknowledgement of what many of us see as an advantage the MX-5 has over the 86 Ė the Mazda is a convertible.

A fixed hardtop might be preferred by some owners, but Iím in the fraternity that loves to quickly flip back the soft-top and enjoy the air, the aroma of a bakery being driven past, the smell of somebodyís wood fire on a winterís day in the hills, the sound of the snarling exhaust bouncing off the hillside or tunnel walls.

Yes, topless motoring can be more tiring, but itís a small price for involvement. Isnít that what driving is about?