HSV’s noise works

More visual and aural aggro for special edition hot Holdens ahead of Euro 5 clampdown


GET set for the meanest, loudest HSVs ever produced – and the best sound you’re likely to hear from a Holden for years to come.

HSV has announced a trio of limited edition atmo models – R8 SV Black (sedan and ute), Grange SV and R8 Track Edition – that will bring back (briefly) the 6.2-litre Chevrolet-sourced LS3 engines for the Holden performance arm.

Between them only 650 will be produced, 50 of which will be the last HSVs to wear the Grange nameplate ahead of the badge’s retirement in the lead-up to the end of manufacturing. All have to be sold by the October 31 introduction of stricter Euro 5 emissions regulations.

The 340kW/570Nm output of an engine not used since the arrival of the Gen F2 range in 2015 is unchanged, bar the mechanical sound enhancer developed by Holden for its V8-powered models with the same basic donk.

The piping and diaphragm fitted under the bonnet of V8-powered VF II Commodores (modified slightly for the HSV installation) is plumbed from the air intake to the firewall, deepening the induction noise of the already throaty V8.

It combines with HSV’s bi-modal exhaust system to create a louder set of lungs for the last naturally aspirated V8 to roll through the Clayton production facility.

It’s the only tweak to the 6.2-litre V8 heart of the SV Black, Grange SV and Track Edition versions that see HSV plug the gaping price gap between top-shelf Commodore V8s and the $80,990 entry price to a Clubsport ($76,990 for the Maloo).

First out of the blocks will be the SV Black versions of the sedan (Clubsport) and ute (Maloo). Each picks up most of the GTS styling, albeit without the LSA badge.

The Maloo R8 SV Black will sell for $62,990 and the Clubsport R8 SV Black for $65,990. There will be no Tourer version, with that car instead being offered only with the LSA until it is discontinued late next year.

HSV will then dish out 50 Granges, each picking up similar styling enhancements at an unchanged $86,990 price. The Grange will also be pitched as a 20th anniversary celebration of the car that once included a bottle of Penfold’s Grange.

The R8 Track Edition will wrap up the life of the LS3 engine for HSV. As well as black styling touches, it gets the 20-inch wheels previously used on the GTS. y un Gra 20t Pen T HS tou pre Unsurprisingly, the focus for the Track Edition is on its hot-lap performance. Key to the changes are considerably stiffer springs than those used on the previous Clubsport, and the six-piston AP Racing calipers from the supercharged GTS.

HSV also considered two other big-ticket items for the Track Edition – Magnetic Ride Control adjustable dampers and the Enhanced Driver Interface datalogging system.

In the end the big-brake package won out, with HSV keen to ensure a $68,990 starting price for a model that will only account for 150 sales.


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