Norm Boisen, Adare, QLD

Respect. Thatís what I took from the editorís column (Editorís Letter, June), and I agree.

Itís interesting you highlighted Fordís 1977 1-2 win to help make your point. As a then seven-yearold it changed my life forever, even though dadís XC wagon was a six-cylinder 4.1.

In that lies my point. For every Ďiconicí V8 Falcon there have been dozens of sixes out there just doing their job, so when the whispers started about an XR Sprint it seemed a no-brainer to order the XR6 Sprint, the last true all-Aussie.

While patiently waiting for it since February I have looked forward to Wheels each month to see what you guys have done with one. Nup. Still no real test or tribute.

Respect, boys.

The XR6 Sprint did feature prominently in the May issue, and we did run a four-page First Drive in June. But we take your point, more respect is due. And it will comeÖ Ė Ed