Marcos Lesvic, Sydney, NSW

I read with interest the interview with V8 Supercars CEO James Warburton (Fight Club, April).

I followed V8 racing back when Channels Seven and Nine made it popular with racecams and showcased cutting-edge TV technology and full races each year, creating rabid red and blue fans.

I had a foot in both camps with Lowndesy; now Murdoch has a foot in both TV camps with Fox and Ten. So when Ten became “The Home of Motorsport” it introduced us to ‘highlights’.

Ads told us we had to pay for Foxtel to watch the whole race!

Take out the advertising and gasbagging, and in one hour of highlights you have 25 minutes of actual racing, sometimes split between two races.

I can’t wait until Warburton takes over the NRL and AFL and Ten becomes “The Home of Footy”.