In the name of the son

Peter Robinson's

Ferrari based the production Dino on the earlier racing Dino 206S, but so great were the changes that they should be considered separate models. Most significantly, the V6 was mounted conventionally in the racing version. For the road car, the engine is transverse, for a shorter wheelbase and less rear overhang.

Ferrari cast the five-speed gearbox and final drive into the sump of the engine (Mini-like) with a separate lubrication system. The car was named after Enzo Ferrari’s much lamented son Dino, who worked on the V6 engine’s design with the great engineer Vittorio Jano before succumbing to muscular dystrophy at the age of just 24. The V6 first appeared in the Fiat Dino (1966-73) to homologate it for racing, and later in the Lancia Stratos that took the rally world by storm in the 1970s.