Mark Brass, via email

The launch of the highly anticipated Ford Focus RS has been marred by experts slamming it for drift ‘hoon’ mode (Ford Focus RS drift mode hype is drifting us towards the nanny state, WheelsMag.com.au).

Newsflash: Any moderately powerful rear-wheel-drive car with traction control disabled is a potential drifting machine.

A decade ago my six-cylinder XF Falcon was more than able to hang out its tail.

While we’re banning drift mode on the RS, let’s also ban all launch control if fitted, because obviously people will drag race.

Let’s also ban active dampers and exhausts because they will entice people to race. Don’t get me started on Ludicrous mode on a Tesla, or the skinny standard wheels on Toyota’s 86 that let it slide.

Who are these experts?

Other car companies that cannot compete, or insurance companies ready to double premiums? This car has been all over the internet for 12 months but only now safety experts realise it has a drift button?

I am sure this will end like the Mustang, which had its burnout mode disabled for Australia.

At least we don’t have to think for ourselves and can enjoy the cottonwool protection supplied by our nanny state.