Andrew Gempton, via Facebook

It’s with an ever-increasing furrowing of brow that I witness our governments try various ideas to lower the road toll, all the while insisting that proper instruction on how to drive properly will – astonishingly – make no difference (Meet the TAC’s human designed to survive a car crash,

Think about this for a moment; they say 90 percent of crashes are caused by driver error, yet our governments believe that proper education and training is not the issue?

Honestly, you could show these people a motor race where half the drivers are from an F1 grid and the other half from a Bunnings car park; as the former smoothly blitz it and the latter instantly collapse into a pack of dodgem cars, our government officials will still insist that training is not the answer.

Graham [a grotesque ‘virtual man’ created by the TAC who could avoid injury in a car crash] must be some sort of joke and, like his creators, it’s not the least bit funny.