Phil Stacey, via Facebook

At its peak, the Australian motor industry produced broad model ranges by at least five manufacturers in four states (Holden VE Commodore: Right car, wrong time, WheelsMag.com.au).

Others produced cars from CKD kits. The component industry employed hundreds of thousands in every state, along with allied jobs in transport and the like.

All this with a population of just 12 million, and a modest tariff.

Itís not just the loss of the industry itself. Itís the loss of the technology, the skills and the investment. Dandenong to Moorabbin in Victoria had GMH, International Harvester, Nissan, Repco Forge, Hardie Spicer, Repco Exhaust, PBR, Bosch and many more.

All pissed up against the wall in the name of free trade.