Todd Holdsworth, via email

October 7 (The Day Falcon Died, WheelsMag.com.au) was the saddest of my car-enthusiast life, seeing pics rolling in almost live and tearing up as I saw the last three Aussie Fords with nothing coming behind them on the production line.

At Fordís peak they were pumping out 600 Falcons a day.

Itíll be a long time before any imports match those numbers.

Itís sad most of us have succumbed to the marketing psychology that has made us think we need something we really donít. To turn our backs on the things we produce. To convince you that their smaller car will save you money because it chews less fuel. Because fuel is a carís only expense, right?

Worse for the environment?

If you measure the carbon footprint of a vehicle from the electricity used to power the lights in the meeting room used to start planning it, right through to its disposal, youíll find predominately itís the less technologically advanced vehicles that have a smaller impact on the environment.

No longer will I and tens of thousands of others look forward to the excitement of seeing spy pics and reading snippets about an upcoming locally developed model, then seeing proper pics, then the thrill of seeing one in person.

Thanks, Ford Australia, for providing excitement, jobs and great value cars to the Australian people.