Norman Wilson, via email

The December issue of Wheels says that Phil Irving designed both the 1966 and 1967 Brabham F1 engines (Classic Wheels, December). This is an error.

The 1966 engine first ran in March 1965 and Phil left Repco-Brabham a few months after that. Charlie Dean then transferred me from Repco Research to Repco-Brabham to replace Phil. For the rest of 1965 I worked flat-out on the F1 engine until its first race, the South African GP on January 1.

During 1966 I kept developing (for power and durability) Philís engine, and also designed a new block to replace the Oldsmobile unit, and new cylinder heads with centre exhausts Ė so started the new 1967 engine. The only part carried over was the crankshaft because we had so many in stock.

Please donít take this as knocking Phil; for him to design the 1966 engine in the time he did was absolutely amazing.

Phil was also a very good friend.

I recall having huge fun together designing crankless engines.

In the picture with Jack in the car, Iím pretty sure I am the one car, Iím pretty sure I am the one behind Frank Hallam.

Thanks for the clarification, Norm, though it should be noted that Denny Hulme used basically the old ĎIrvingí engine to win the 1967 world title after Jackís í66 win.

And, yes, thatís you leaning on the rear tyre. But how did you fit in without a fag? Ė Ed