Dave Crawford, Nungarin, WA

I recently decided a new, smallish car was in my future. A Hyundai SR manual fit the bill, but “there’s none in Australia – you can get a base model or nothing”. Kia Rio, either the top 1.4 manual, or the Sport model, but “we’re on a runout – base model or nothing”. Try a Pulsar (getting desperate) STL manual, but “you can have a manual base model, or an auto STL only”...

I refuse to be a sheep-funnelled down the auto-only/no spare wheel route, market. losing their y p oute, so it’s off to the used After 60 years, cars are heir appeal – even the pages and Mercs and raise the nd pages of Audis, BMWs, nd e p d other exotica fail to pulse these days.