“The brilliant d.o.h.c. 1,570 c.c. engine, which we have described too often before to bear repetition, fairly hurls the little car along the acceleration strip. A figure of 0-100 in a little over 30 seconds is very good for the swept volume and weight.”

As we have said before, the five-speed box works wonders for a small capacity engine. It gives tremendous safety on the open road, because one can confidently commit the car to most situations in the knowledge that the right gear and the proper r.p.m. range is only a hand movement away—

Its braking is colossal. Four discs with servo assist drag the car down from 100 m.p.h. so swiftly and with so little drama that one can record absolutely incredible stopping distances with no effort at all. There is no fade, no wheel locking, no disc squeal— nothing. They are among the best brakes on any production car in the world.

The car’s handling is spot on. It is almost neutral everywhere, with understeer in the entry only to slow corners. It can be made to oversteer on throttle or steering or both, encouraging use of graceful opposite lock slides with full power on coming out of tight corners. The car is so nice in situations like this that one begins to feel like Kevin Bartlett in the GTZ-2 at Warwick Farm, although KB and Alfa-Romeo carry between them the stuff of legends.

Wind noise is low at all times, even with the crank-operated quarter vents slightly open. … Tyre noise from the Pirellis is also low. …

A chromed lever in the driver’s door pillar flips open the boot lid to reveal a surprising amount of space. …

Another lever in front of the front passenger opens the bonnet. Under that you have the magnificent alloy cam boxes of this great little engine, all beautifully laid out with lots of working room and all fuses clearly labelled for purpose.

Finally the styling. This design of Bertone’s has already been accepted as a modern classic. It is not easy to proportion a front engined GT coupe on a wheelbase of only 93ins. but the Italian master has done it marvellously. The coupe is a brilliant looker, equally impressive in light and dark colours (which is rare) and a sure crowd stopper. Anyone with $4,990 to contribute to the Buy-WHEELS-An-Alfa-GTV-Fund will kindly mention the fact to their bank manager forthwith.”

Bill Tuckey, Editor Wheels Magazine.

”Believe me, it’s quite a sensation to reach three figures in fourth and then slip into top gear.

To my eye, the elegant Veloce is Bertone styling at its best. The bodywork is superbly proportioned, without a discordant line and the true test of its good looks is that the car looks right from any angle. Another strong point in its favour is that this coupe is most practical for its size in respect of visibility and interior and boot space. … The rubber-lined boot took three people’s luggage for a weekend at Bathurst for the Gallaher 500 and there was still room for more. …

I particularly liked the fingertip stalk which switches on and dips the lights, the big anti-glare rear-vision mirror and the hand throttle. … Consistent rain during the test failed to penetrate the cabin and boot, while the snug interior was draught free, which speaks volumes for the way this car is put together. … Like all Alfa engines it thrives on revs and it is easy to slip past the recommended maximum of 6,500 r.p.m. … Braking is excellent — perhaps the best I’ve encountered on any production car. …

The braking action is very progressive, particularly from high speeds and gives the driver confidence to really exploit the performance. … The Veloce shines in traffic, due to its compactness and a conveniently small turning circle. The controls are nice and light and the steering action is velvet-smooth, so that only minor driving effort is required on long-distance trips. … The 10-gallon tank gives a cruising range of 250 miles and no oil was needed in my test, which embraced several hundred miles. … As for handling, I can only say that it is a perfect match for the performance.”

Mike Kable “The Australian”

“The Veloce model of the Giulia Sprint GT range is a charming small car, offering high road performance allied with perfect behaviour … It is a genuine grand tourer, capable of long distance travel at high speed and without driver fatigue. … The suspension is ideal for sporting motoring and fast touring. It is firm enough to keep the wheels on the road without making the ride too hard. The Veloce takes stony mountain tracks or corrugated dirt roads with only a modicum of tremble, while on our average-poor bitumen highways one is rarely jolted. … Apart from its attractive appearance, the characteristics of the Veloce which appeal strongly to me are its very certain road holding, precise and accurate handling and its unexpected flexibility. … All seats, including the bench rear seat, are heavily shaped to hold the posterior in place on corners. … The car handles delightfully, and, consequently is very safe. … On the fade test, the twelve successive downhill stops from 60 m.p.h. were made without any noticeable fade. … Obviously the brakes are designed for competition motoring. … The outstanding features of the test results are rapid acceleration, and splendid hill climbing in fourth gear. … Vision is fine, with the pillars well back, and driving aids include screen washers, single speed but rapid wipers and reversing lamps. … The Veloce is fitted with a single but effective ventilating and heating system delivering to floor and/or screen. … The Alfa engine and chassis are elaborately designed and made, with a maximum use of alloy, a construction which is both light and robust. … The Giulia GT Veloce is a particularly Iively and pleasing car. It is small and compact, with fine handling qualities and reasonable comfort, and will appeal to the real enthusiast.

Sturt Griffith, B.E.

Sydney Morning Herald.

“For the pure pleasure of high-speed touring, with great comfort and the feeling of utmost safety, the discerning Australian motorists could not pass the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce. … From the outset, travelling through heavy North Shore and city traffic the Alfa handled perfectly … The Alfa sporting five forward gears and reverse, was not strained to operate in slow moving traffic … First-class hill climbing ability, superb comfort, extraordinary acceleration, remarkable pickup, and a speed of more than 115 miles per hour should suit the most particular driver.”

Parramatta Advertiser, N.S.W.

Motor racing helped build the Alfa Romeo name and still promotes its image throughout the world. But the company’s public offerings stand as firmly for elegant sophistication and luxury as for sheer performance and brilliant road manners. The Giulia GT Sprint Veloce is one of the finest “driver’s cars” I have ever tested … The car is without vice. It revels in hard work and the more winding the road the happier is the Alfa and its driver … Four power-assisted disc brakes gave smooth, fade-free, grabfree, and beautifully progressive stopping, even during half a dozen of the most exuberant and enjoyable laps of the Surfers Paradise racing circuit. … Visibility in all directions is a strong point equalled by few cars other than convertibles … John Weinthal, Brisbane Courier-Mail.

Clutch: single dry-plate, with progressive engagement.

Gearbox: five synchromesh forward gears and one reverse. Floor mounted gear shift lever.

Rear axle: anchored to body structure by two longitudinal torque arms and rubber bushes: transverse anchorage is by means of a reaction bracket with rubber bushes on the frame and axle: the final drive is of hypoid type.

Front suspension: independent front wheel suspension secured to the frame by inclined transverse wishbones; coil springs and telescopic hydraulic double-acting shock-absorbers; transverse anti-roll bar

Rear suspension: coil springs and coaxially mounted telescopic hydraulic double-acting shock-absorbers.

Steering: re-circulating ball or worm and roller.

Brakes: 4 discs, with vacuum operated servo; the two rear brakes have the cylinders isolated from the calipers. Mechanically operated hand-brake.

Price: 54,990 (£2495)


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