People who know what it’s all about are buying Alfa Romeos. Alfa Romeo Giulia Supers, that is. Now we have discovered why.

People who know what it’s all about are buying Alfa Romeos. Alfa Romeo Giulia Supers, that is. Now we have discovered why. This gentlemen, is a motor-car that everyone should drive — at least once … Driving a car like this makes you realise how enormously valuable five speeds are to a small capacity engine … Not for the Alfa any of the intensely-frustrating business of carrying out highway overtaking in a gear that’s either too low or too high … You sit behind an alloy-spoked wheel at precisely the right height and angle … From here, you can drive this car so hard with so much confidence that the most annoying and difficult main road situations seem to resolve themselves well in advance. … The handling is classic proof of how successful a live rear axle layout can be when properly located …

The handling is improved greatly by being able to put down, through the right gear, just the proper amount of power … And we couldn’t fault the brakes. It was the old giant hand syndrome again, clawing off speed at an austounding rate … On gravel roads the Alfa is quite a surprise. It must be a great rally car, because it strides across all sorts of surfaces without bother … Talking of parking, the squarish shape and big glass area make it a very simple car to park.

… Above all this, is a driver’s car; a triumphant, pedigreed car apart, in which you blast by the troops on the expressway with a casual wave of the hand and a timed selection of fifth gear right in their ear at a little under 100 m.p.h. Wheels Magazine.

Take the song of a highly-developed, four cylinder, twin overhead-camshaft engine coupled to a silky, five-speed all-synchromesh gearbox. Add the reassuring feel of four-wheel disc brakes and a superb suspension and you have the main mechanical ingredients of an Alfa Romeo Giulia … It is beautifully appointed, with comfortable contoured seats, an excellent driving position and generous head and leg room … one of the appealing aspects of the car is that in typical Alfa Romeo fashion it achieves high performance without harshness or fuss … Alfa Romeo roadholding is quite legendary and the cornering ability of the Super is certainly phenomenal. You can change line in the middle of a corner without getting the supple suspension out of step and with the comfortable feeling that all four wheels are glued to the road … The Super is a captivating car, made by enthusiasts for enthusiaasts. It is nicely balanced, structurally robust, fast and quiet — an innocuouslooking saloon which gives a performance way above the average for its engine capacity and weight of one ton. … During my 500-mile test, the engine did not use a skerrick of oil or water and the petrol consumption ranged from 24 to 27 m.p.g. … The finish is impeccable and the handling, through superbly accurate steering, is free from any vices … Mike Kable, “The Australian.”

The Giulia Super is a medium-sized saloon with a really high performance. It is a veritable wolf clothed in a sedate square body which looks more like a family shopper than a car which can put up 110 m.p.h. on the touring highway. This Alfa model is for the man who has to have five seats and a capacious boot and yet wants the feel and performance of a sports car … Apart from its very satisfying performance, the outstanding characteristics of the Giula are its roadholding and handling. It is a delight on winding roads, where its tenacity and willing cornering show to advantage. It steers lightly and precisely and the all disc braking system is well suited to the car. This Alfa is unusual in having a five-speed gearbox. To dispel any doubts on this score, let me say that the box is simplicity itself to use, being treated as a normal four-speed box in town, and the lever merely slipped, against a guard spring, into fifth gear position (nearest the driver) when open country is reached … Fifth gear is designated “top” in this report. It is a very high gear (like Citroen) giving a road speed of 20 m.p.h. at 1,000 r.p.m. Yet with the car rolling freely in the country the engine pulls quite well in this ratio down to about 30 m.p.h. For town use the (direct) fourth gear is used as top, and in it the car is normally geared and is remarkably flexible. There is little about the Giulia calling for genuine criticism … The suspension system does not bottom and it takes rough going without fuss or pitch … Fast cornering is accompanied by some noticeable body roll, and although the Cinturato tyres squeal a little they never let go on dry bitumen … The Giulia Super is a very satisfying car to drive … The handling qualities are on top line, comfort is fair and performance is surprising for an engine of such modest size. Sturt Griffith, B.E., Sydney Morning Herald.

Front suspension: independent front wheel suspension secured to the frame by inclined transverse wishbones; coil springs and telescopic hydraulic double-acting shock-absorbers; transverse antiroll bar.

Rear suspension: coil springs and coaxially mounted telescopic hydraulic double-acting shock-absorbers.

Steering: re-circulating ball or worm and roller.

Brakes: 4 discs, with vacuum operated servo; the two rear brakes have the cylinders isolated from the calipers. Mechanically operated handbrake

Clutch: single dry-plate, with progressive engagement.

Gearbox: five synchromesh gears and reverse. Floor-mounted gear shift lever.

Rear axle: anchored to body structure by two longitudinal torque arms and rubber bushes: transverse anchorage is by means of a reaction bracket with rubber bushes on the frame and axle: the final drive is of hypoid type.

Price S3,998 (£1,999).

The roof is heavily padded and the covering attractive and washable. Two sun visors are fitted and, again heavily padded at the edges where it is most needed. Windscreen washers are foot operated. On pressing the control the wiper also comes into action. I really liked this! The road test was really enjoyable. Clutch, accelerator and brake pedals are well placed and the driving position as a whole exceedingly comfortable and relaxing. Handling is first class — light with a finger-touch control, but very positive at all times. The gear is a delight to use. Five forward gears and, even in fifth gear she still pulls from 40 m.p.h. with ease.

… Brakes are excellent and no fade was ever apparent … The price $3,994. A lot of money? NO! A lot of car? YES! Bob Larby, Country Life.

The brakes are superb. Large power-assisted discs are fitted to each wheel. … They are smooth in operation and give no sign of locking up under normal conditions. We didn’t try for fade, but it would probably be a waste of time in any case … The ride was fairly firm, as you’d expect it to be, but the few corrugations we met were handled with little pitching and no bone shaking thuds … In a corner, of course, this car comes into its own. The Alfa is proof that a sophisticated, conventional rear axle design will often prove superior to all but the best of independent set-ups … Pat Hayes, Australian Motor Sports and Automobiles.

There are not a great many makes of car to which the term thoroughbred can truthfully be applied; Alfa Romeo is one of them … Tipping the scale at just under one ton, the car has all the stability of a much heavier vehicle. It corners flat and does nothing unpredictable even when thrown into a bend at high speed. The steering is most precise, fairly high geared and accurate to a degree. Despite the first-class road holding, the car rides well at all speeds and for one of its performance is suprisingly quiet. But over everything is that hard to define feeling that everything is properly designed, more than that, properly designed for the specific task it has to perform in this particular car … Leonard Ward, Canberra Times.

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