Dave Carey, via Facebook

Grumpy Peter Robinson! (Column, Old cars are rubbish!)

Modern cars are truly amazing in their abilities, but driving an old car isnít about cutting-edge motoring, but experiencing a snippet of life when that car came out. Nobody rides a horse because itís perceived to be better than a car, but they still do!

My wife is taking her mates out in our WM Caprice on Sunday and my daily is a 2004 VY SS ute with the Sandman conversion. I am taking the kids out solo on Sunday arvo and canít wait to take them in my 1976 Buick.

Technically itís not the safest nor the best handling (far from it); in fact itís not the best at anything. But itís well maintained and is the only other ride I have with enough room for both the kids, so Buick it will be.

And itíll be cool.