Andrew Austin, via email

Wheels is typified by well researched, written and informative articles, often written in an entertaining way.

But I was disappointed with Stephen Corby (Towards Zero Sense, Redline, May.)

After initially providing a balanced view quoting a number of people with expertise endorsing the value in lowering road speed limits as a way of reducing traumatic and fatal road crashes, he then took what appears to be the ‘shock jock approach’ and provides a totally one-sided, ill-informed page of opinion (Corby, column, May).

Without the driving culture, licencing systems and, I believe, roads suitable to higher speed limits, Corby argues that what works in some countries would apply to us with the need for higher limits. My experience as a competent 54-yearold driver and motoring enthusiast is that many of our current limits are higher than they need to be, given road conditions and driver skill.

I strongly suspect that anyone with experience of a friend or family member being badly injured (or worse) in a road incident due to speed would agree. I can find little from Stephen Corby that invokes any sense of need to increase limits, especially as a way of making our roads safer and reducing the road tolls which are surely outcomes we all desire.