Alex Coslovich, Balwyn, Vic

Inwood’s July editor’s letter was absolutely spot-on. Australian drivers and their attitudes are the most selfish in the world.

Just last week a driver gesticulated at me, suggesting that I was a wanker because I dared find a gap in traffic as I merged from an on-ramp. Was it because I was driving a prestige performance car? Would I have received the same response if I was in an old Corolla? I’m in the fortunate position of being able to buy myself another highperformance vehicle designed with beauty and intent, but I must now sadly concede that if I do, I will be subject to further ridicule for choosing to indulge myself. Is this what they call “the politics of envy”?

I will also need to be constantly vigilant to avoid the many opportunities for the revenue office to hit me with their traffic infringement taxes.