Resistance is beautile

Honda’s CEO Takahiro Hachigo may have lost us for a moment when he commented on the “beautility of a sports car” but you can forgive him making up words in the middle of his speech when you clock the Sports EV Concept. It’s everything the latest generation of Honda sports models aren’t. Classically proportioned, sleek, unadorned, and, above all, confident in its own skin, the coupe is based on the same platform as the Urban EV Concept, which stole the show in Frankfurt earlier this year.

With a lower centre of gravity and a purposeful long nose and broad-haunched stance, Honda has clearly decided that rather than forcing pod-like EV form factors on us, the freedom of not having to package a bulky internal combustion engine allows its stylists to be a little more playful, wit h knowingly ret ro silhouettes for niche models.

The Sports EV Concept’s onboard smarts look set to be delivered via Honda’s Automated Net work Assistant, a personal digital assistant designed to learn about a driver over t ime and adapt to the emotions behind their decisions. Honda is aiming for a 2019 production date for the Urban EV Concept. Hopefully, the Sports EV Concept shouldn’t be far behind.