Neville Greentree, via Facebook

I came to the realisation the other day that by this time next year, everything I have loved will be gone Ė we are now heading down the road of uncharted territory.

Ever since I could walk I have loved cars and one make always grabbed my attention: Holden.

My dad is probably to blame, as he was always tinkering with his 1968 Eden Blue HK Kingswood he bought second-hand as an ex-repís car in 1969. Ever since, Holden was in the blood.

But now I feel deflated Ė the world as I know it is changing.

For whatever reasons the powers that be are taking it all away from us. Now I donít really want to go into who, what or why, but what is happening with our truly unique Australian car industry is a bloody disgrace. Nothing good will come of it No more Holden or Falcon utes, no more Commodore or Falcon V8s, no more new releases to anticipate and no more Aussie made Holden versus Ford. I just donít know what I am going to look forward to anymore but at least they canít take away our amazing memories.