RETRO Porsche rebuilder Singer Vehicle Design has surpassed all of its previous hardware by revealing a Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) Porsche – the ultimate interpretation of the iconic Porsche 964.

Singer will produce just 75 of the moneyno- object vehicles for its most well-heeled customers, who will get an example of arguably one of the most potent, desirable and collectable air-cooled 911s.

Internal combustion wizard Williams Advanced Engineering was enlisted to help develop the DLS, including the powerplant.

Two years of toil has produced an atmo 4.0-litre flat six that pumps out 373kW.

The body is widened and lowered, and the shell hides a significant re-engineering assault including extensive use of titanium, magnesium and carbonfibre to slash weight to 990kg. BBS supplies a set of 18-inch magnesium centre-lock wheels, Brembo provides massive monoblock calipers with carbon composite discs, Hewland bolts a lightweight magnesium six-speed manual to the engine, and EXE-TC provides a bespoke damper set-up.

The build process will be completed at the Williams headquarters in the UK, not Singer’s base in California.

The Blood Orange interior pays only the merest nod to the original and customer cars are likely to be individually specced with a virtually unlimited number of colour, material and detail options on offer.

Performance figures have not been released but with more power than a Chrysler 300 SRT and only half its weight, you can expect the latest machine from Singer to be blindingly fast. Think Mazda MX-5 with four times the power.

Want one? Yup? So do we.